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I took the plunge into formulating (skin, hair, natural fragrance, mineral cosmetics, canine aromatherapy) products and serial entrepreneurship back in '96, and I know the power of teamwork in making dreams a reality.

Let's connect, dive into a free consultation, and see if we can be the dream team that propels your vision forward! 

Create your team with 4mundo + Sevi
  • Formulation Services: Let's collaborate on ideas, and I'll turn your vision into reality. I'll guide you through the process, shaping you into a skilled formulator along the way!
  • Start-Up Consultation: Feeling overwhelmed about starting your company? Unsure about the basics, e-commerce tech, accounting software, CRM, or packaging ideas for your products? I have the expertise to guide you in shaping your brand identity and beyond through seamless communication and collaboration.

  • Production Support + Set-Up Guidance: I'm here to change how traditional formulators work, where you are bound to the company. Get ready for a game-changer! Say goodbye to being tied to a company. With my approach, you'll own your formulas, run your business, and access the resources I provide to set you up for success. Feeling ready yet?

  • Industry Leads: After 25 years in this industry, I've not just gathered contacts but a treasure trove of failures, making me your go-to guide for natural and vegan hair or skincare products. Picture owning a company with a fresh, green product line you craft from start to finish – let's make it happen!

"I'm delighted to have Sevi as my partner! Her unmatched professionalism and personalized attention turned my multitude of ideas into a cohesive product line. With extensive knowledge of plant-based ingredients, she crafted a solution that excelled in performance, sustainability, and market appeal. Sevi's alchemical genius shines in navigating from ingredient selection to market strategy, making her an invaluable ally in realizing my dream product line."

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Julie F.
Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, Stylist

"Working with Sevi has been an absolute dream. I thank my lucky stars that I found her all the time. She is kind, she is smart, she is knowledgeable and she cares so, so much. Sevi has helped me craft my dream products with more love, thought and diligence than I could possibly imagine. Every step is considered and executed with ethics and soul. Not only is her integrity there in her work and craft, but also in who she is as a human. She is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known."

Serial Entrepreneur, Wellness Company Owner